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Barn Conversions - Hattiesburg, MS

Offering Custom Construction in Hattiesburg, MS

Your new house is more than just a building--it’s your home. Since you will spend so much here relaxing with loved ones, entertaining friends and guests, and enjoying hobbies, it should be a special place that suits your needs and fits your lifestyle. When you’re looking for builders capable of creating your forever home, look no further than Farm Barns Inc.

As your source for custom construction in Hattiesburg, MS, we proudly provide our customers with beautiful homes, barns, and economical barn conversions. No matter what we’re constructing, we make sure each building is structured to your specifications. Let us show you that while you work with us--the only limit to your project is your imagination.

Horse Stall Construction - Hattiesburg, MS

Construction Contractors Delivering Custom Barns

With over 20 years of experience, our professional builders can construct a barn of nearly any size. Over the years, we’ve been requested for builds ranging from 12’ x 12’ to a full 60’ x 300’. And safety is always at the forefront of our work. As a result, we ensure our barns are capable of withstanding winds of up to 140mph. Best of all, our work comes complete with our one-year labor guarantee, so you can rest assured your finished build will serve your every livestock and equipment storage need exceedingly well.

Performing Barn Conversions and Custom Housing Projects

While building custom barns may be how we got our start, we have expanded our expertise to include custom homes built from scratch as well as converting barns into livable structures. Barn conversions are a unique, economical way to turn an old barn into a new home. Ask our construction contractors about our barn conversion work to learn more about how we can transform your old barn into a beautiful home you’d be proud to call your own.

Like our custom barns, our non-converted custom homes are built to code and are usually made in a style reminiscent of a Jim Walter™ home. We get lumber cheap so that you can expect nothing less than a great deal with us. We typically build to one of the following specifications:

• 2 Bed 2 Bath - 1,008 Sq Ft • 3 Bed 2 Bath - 1,400 Sq Ft • 4 Bed 2 Bath - 1,792 Sq Ft

Tackling Your Project Head-On

As dedicated construction contractors, we’re more than happy to build other custom buildings for you, such as horse stalls and portable sheds. Our horse stalls can be done in any size, depending on how many horses you have. However, our wood and iron 12' x 12' style is our most iconic.

Our spacious portable sheds are also very popular, as they allow you to take your preferred equipment or gear on the go in a dependable structure. Whether you’re looking for a custom home, home addition, or transformative barn conversions, our specialty contractors have your needs covered. Request our services to see what we can do to make your custom build a reality.

Contact our custom construction contractors to request an estimate for your build. Based in Hattiesburg, we proudly serve farmers and other homeowners throughout Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.