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Barn Conversions - Hattiesburg, MS

Custom Building & Barn Conversions in Hattiesburg, MS

Farm Barns Inc. truly prides itself on the high quality buildings that we construct. We build our customers outstanding barns, beautiful custom homes, and economical barn conversions in Hattiesburg, MS, and surrounding areas. Each and every building we construct is built per your specifications. While most things we build are based off of a model barn or home, which you can view at our location, your imagination is the only true limit to a project with our barn and house builders.

Horse Stall Construction - Hattiesburg, MS

Custom Built Barns

Our professional builders can construct a barn of nearly any size, as we've done everything from a 12' x 12' to a full 60' x 300'. To ensure the safety of any materials or occupants, we always build to code and make sure our barns are able to withstand a 140 mph wind load. These structures are therefore perfectly serviceable as just barns, but also make for a lovely home after one of our barn conversions.

Right now, the wing barn style is most popular with our clients in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, but we prefer to give our customers a diverse array of options for their barn. Our custom barns vary  in form and size, though we recommend one of our truss barns.

The truss barn is generally less expensive per square foot than many of our other models, because we build our own trusses and pass those savings on to you. Our truss barns have an open span so you have plenty of space inside. They are perfect for storing equipment, hay, or really anything at all that needs to stay out of the rain.

Customized Housing

Our custom barns may be how we got our start, but we have since further specialized in building fine custom homes from scratch, and, of course, converting barns into livable homes. Barn conversions are a particularly cool and economical way to make an old barn into a new home, and they are always structurally unique and eye catching.

Our non-conversion, custom homes are built to code and are typically done in a style similar to a Jim Walters™ home. We get lumber cheap, so you can always expect a great deal with us, whether you want us to contract out a full building or just build the skeleton for you to build upon yourself.

We keep a model home on-site for you to view, so you can get an idea of the kind of home we can build for you. We typically build to one of the following specification:

• 2 Bed 2 Bath - 1,008 Sq Ft • 3 Bed 2 Bath - 1,400 Sq Ft • 4 Bed 2 Bath - 1,792 Sq Ft

Other Building Projects

Finally, Farm Barn Inc. is more than happy to build other custom buildings for your needs, so just get in contact with us to discuss your interests. There are two other options that many of our clients have had us build+ that are worthy of note: our horse stalls and our portable sheds.

Our horse stall construction can be done in any size, depending on how many horses you have. However, our wood and iron 12' x 12' style is our most iconic. Our spacious portable sheds are also very popular, as they allow you to take your preferred equipment or gear on the go in a dependable structure.